Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2020 – [Do Not Buy Before Reading This]

In the recent past use of the ordinary type of framing nailer was common, but with the passage of time, the user became wary of the tool using compressor and hoses. This problem can be overcome by using the best cordless framing nailer. Cordless framing nailers are equally useful for professionals and DIY users.

In the postmodern era, the world is transitioning towards portability and smartness. The cordless framing nailer is portable so fulfills the requirement of the time. It saves time because the users will not have to set up a compressor before starting the work. So it has eliminated the hassle of hoses and setting up of compressors and now the users will instantly and directly go for the job.

There are many varieties of nailers in the market and you can choose any one of them

But stop!

You must have a product which should be worth the money you spend. The cordless framing nailer will be a useful addition to your stores. It is very handy and easy to carry for work in tight places.

Dewalt DCN692B

Dewalt Nail gun, Best cordless framing nailer,Dewalt DCN692B

  • Dual Speed motor
  • Battery Powered
  • Trigger Lock


Metabo HPT NR1890DR

Metabo HPT NR1890DR,Hitachi NR1890DR

  • Selective Actuation
  • Air spring system
  • Control Panel


Paslode 905600

paslode framing nail gun,Paslode 905600

  • High Power
  • Light weight
  • 5 year warranty



In the era of information technology, every information is one click away. The people before going to buy something, collect the relevant data, and after due consideration makes the decision for buying the product of their choice.

There are number of features and specifications of cordless framing nailers and a layman may face difficulties for choosing the quality product which should meet his requirement. Therefore we have prepared a list of best cordless framing nailer to help you select the best one.


List of Top Cordless Framing Nailers of 2020

Cordless Framing NailersRatingsPrice
Dewalt DCN692B⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Paslode 905600⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Bostitch BCF30P1⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Metabo HPT NR1890DR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Hitachi NR90 GC2⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Paslode 902400⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Dewalt DCN21PLM1⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Dewalt DCN 680B⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Bostitch BCF28WWM1⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Dewalt DCN692M1⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1-Dewalt DCN692B:

Dewalt DCN692B is a battery powered framing nail gun that has a brushless motor and can drive nails of 2-3.5Dewalt Nail gun,best cordless framing nailer inches into the wood easily. This nail gun has a magazine with a capacity of 55 nails and weighs 8 pounds.

 Dual speed motor

Dewalt DCN692B comes with a powerful motor that has an additional feature of dual speed which can be selected with the push of a button. Speed option 1 is for short lengths nails and 2nd option is for long length nails. The 2nd option drains the battery quickly as it’s a forceful mode.

 Battery Powered: 

This Dewalt framing nailer has only one power source i.e. its 4 Ampere battery. You need not worry about hoses or compressors. You only need a battery and yes, you are ready to go.

 Operating modes: 

Dewalt company facilitates its user very much. This Dewalt DCN692B is equipped with dual firing modes. 1st mode is sequential fire and 2nd is for bump fire. You can use sequential mode for normal work. This mode is recommended for begineers. However, for doing things quickly bump mode can be used.

 Safety feature: 

This Dewalt nail gun has a special safety feature that is a trigger lock. This feature prevents accidental fire. It has an adjustable rafter hook to hang the tool when not in use. It has a dry lockout feature which prevents the nailer from firing when nails are low. Moreover, its jam can be cleared through a nose cap. Its nose cap helps clear jamming.

  • Dual speed motor
  • Trigger lock
  • Both sequential and bump mode
  • Battery-powered
  • Magazine only holds 55 nails
  • May be high in price

Dewalt DCN692B is one of the best framing nailers that are cordless. Its one of the prominent features is battery contrary to other nailers which usually depends upon dual power source i.e. fuel cell and gas. While its other properties are dual operating and dual-speed modes. Its price appears somewhat on higher side but keeping in view its qualities it is not too much. So if you have no budget issue then you can go for this poduct.

2-Paslode 905600:

Paslode is known for its powerful framing nailers. This is a heavy-duty but lightweight cordless framing nailer. When Paslode 905600,paslode framing nailerwe say heavy-duty, heavyweight comes into the mind but this product only weighs 7.2lbs. This Paslode 905600 drives the nails of 2-3.25 inches into the hardest of lumber quite easily.

Paslode 905600 works with the combination of battery and Paslode fuel cell. It is equipped with a 7.4-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes 90 minutes to charge full. Now the fully charged tool can drive upto 9000 nails.

When the job is near to completion and battery becomes dead, 2-minute quick charge helps complete remaining work as a quick charge battery allows you to drive up to 200 nails easily. It has a tool-less depth control feature which facilitates the user to drive the nail into the wood at the desired level.

This Paslode framing nailer has a magazine made of stainless steel,which is durable and resists jams. Moreover, it has a rafter hook for hanging the tool when not in use.

 Low Temperature: 

Generally it is very difficult to work in chilly winter season as most of the tools fail to perform. But the product we are discussing even operates smoothly and efficiently in subzero level temperatures. As it is not adversely affected by bad weather conditions so it helps complete the job without interruption.

  • High Powered Works good at low temperature.
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery timing
  • May be high in price
  • Need to change fuel cell after 1200 nails
This Paslode framing nail gun is a heavy-duty tool studded with a long-life battery. However, it is operated with the combination of fuel cell and battery as a power source.But its fuel cell needs replacement after shooting 1200 nails. So you can select this tool if you have no problem with the replacement of the cell. Its important feature is its good performance even at low temperatures.

3-Bostitch BCF30P1:

Bostitch BCF30P1 is a cordless framing nailer. It has only one power source i.e. 4.0 Ah battery. The importance of a Bostitch BCF30P1,bostitch nail guncordless tool is that we need not worry about dirty hoses and compressors. If you are a user of pneumatic framing nailer then you can save about 20 minutes which you have to consume in setting up hoses and compressors. It has a brushless motor and dual-speed option which provides enough power to driver 3.5 inches nails.

  • Bostitch BCF30P1 has a tool-free mode selector. The user can easily switch from sequential fire to bump fire mode and viseversa, according to requirement.
  • This Bostitch framing nailer is a multipurpose tool. It can be used for framing as well as sheathing, deckbuilding, and fencing.
  • This product possesses a stall release lever which clears jamming.
  • It has a tool-free depth adjustment feature which helps the user to adjust the depth of the nail.
  • Rafter hook of this tool helps to hang it when not in use.
  • Saves time and money
  • One power source i.e. battery
  • No need of hoses
  • High in price

Bostitch BCF03P1 a cordless framing gun is powered by 4.0 Ah battery and neither need compressor nor hoses. So saves time and money which may be spent on setting up a compressor and replacement fuel cell. It possesses all the properties of the good nailer. It is a bit costly if one can afford that it is the best tool.

4-Metabo HPT NR1890DR:

Metabo HPT is the new name of Hitachi power tools. This is a powerful cordless framing nailer but some people Metabo HPT NR1890DR,Hitachi NR1890DRstill call it Hitachi NR1890DR. Its brushless motor helps drive the nails into the lumber easily as well as increases its durability. This product comes with a compact 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, a fast charger, a contractor bag, and safety glasses. If you possess this tool you need not bother about hoses and compressors.

 Air spring drive system: 

Its unique Air spring feature, that all of us have never heard before. It uses the compressed air which drives 2 nails per second into the lumber with zero ramps up time.

 Control panel: 

Metabo HPT NR1890 DR has a control panel with few options near the base of the handle. The power button located on this panel facilitates you to turn on and switch off the tool by gently pressing it for a few seconds.

 Selective Actuation: 

This product has two firing modes one is sequential and the other is bump fires. Selective actuation helps smooth transition between two modes. The light remains stable when it is in sequential mode but blinks when in bump mode. It’s an important feature that gives users a clear indication about the operating mode.


It has a compact 3.0 Ah battery that can shoot up to 400 nails per charge. It has a battery-saving feature, which automatically turns off the tool when not active for 30 minutes. This product is also compatible with multi-volt 8.0 Ah battery which helps shoot 1100 nails.

 Tool-less depth: 

Tool-less depth control feature is necessary for both cordless and pneumatic framing nailer. This Metabo NR1890 DR tool too comes with depth control which allows the user to drive the nail at the desired level.

 Safety feature: 

Safety comes first, so Metabo HPT NR1890DR has not compromised on safety. This product has a side lock trigger switch on the handle, which locks the trigger to prevent accidental fire when the nailer is not in use. It has a dry lockout system that halts the nailer when no nail left in the magazine. Its decent rafter hook allows the hanging of the tool when not in use.

  • Air spring drive system
  • Mode selector
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • May be high in price
Metabo HPT NR1890DR possesses all the features of the premium nailer. It has an air spring system that makes it high powered. This product comes with a control panel that other nails don’t have. The control panel contains a power button and a mode selector for sequential and bump mode. Surely this is one of the best cordless framing nailer and you can go for it.

5-Hitachi NR90 GC2:

Hitachi power tools renamed to Metabo HPT but still, this product is attached with the name of Hitachi. This tool isHitachi NR90 GC2,hitachi framing gun,hitachi gas nailer,hitachi cordless framing nailer a  gas powered nail gun and it saves the user from the hassle of using hoses and compressors. This paper collated framing nailer drives nails of length 2-3.5 inches.

This  Hitachi framing gun works with the combination of fuel gas and battery. The important feature of the battery is its quick charging. This battery takes one hour to charge fully and has a capacity of driving 4000 nails on a full charge. However, you have to change fuel gas after driving 1200 nails. It has a low battery indicator which warns the user to charge this tool on time.

Let’s look at the new improved design of air filter that makes the tool completely dust-free. Its reversible rafter hook is very handy for both left and right-handers. It has also dry lockout feature that locks the nailer when few nails remain in the magazine. It comes with a kit that contains the charger, safety glasses, and hex bar wrench.

  • Newly designed air filter
  • Reversible rafter hook
  • Dry lockout feature
  • Have to change fuel cell after 1200 nails
Hitachi NR90GC2 works with the combination of battery and fuel cell. Its battery has a quick charging feature that takes one hour to fully charge and has a capacity of shooting 4000 nails per charge. But its fuel gas requires replacement after shooting 1200 nails. So while going to purchase this hitachi cordless framing nailer changing of fuel gas factor may also be considered.

6-Paslode 902400:

Paslode 902400 is an angled lightweight finishing nailer and a person can use it while overhead or climbing on a Paslode 902400ladder. Its design provides for greater access to the tight places and the user exercises much more maneuverability than the other such type of tools allow. But not only that the tool also ensures precision in placement and fixing of nails.


It comes with a 7-volt lithium-ion battery that can drive 12000 nails per charge. About 80 % of the battery is charged within 20 minutes while it takes 1 hour for fully charging. It has a special feature of a 2-minute quick charge which allows shooting of up to 200 nails that is incredible.

  • It has a No-Mar tip that saves the surface from dents and scratches.
  • This small finishing nailer comes with tool-free depth adjustment which allows the user to desired the nails into the desired level.
  • Its dry lockout mechanism prevents the tool from firing when no nails left in the magazine.
  • This product comes with tool-free jam clearance which means you don’t have to deal with other tools to clear the jam.
  • Dry lockout mechanism
  • Tool-free jam clearance
  • No-mar tip
  • Change of fuel cell after 1200 nails
Paslode 902400 comes with a 7-volt lithium-ion battery which allows driving of 1200 nails per charge. It is also noteworthy that 80 % of the battery charged in 20 minutes. Another additional benefit of the tool is that a 2-minute quick charge facilitates shooting of up to 200 nails. However, after shooting 1200 nails it requires replacement of fuel cell, so if you can arrange it, it will prove an efficient and well-performing tool.

7-Dewalt DCN21PLM1:

Dewalt DCN21PL performs excellently and can shoot plastic collated fasteners ranging from 3.25 inches in 0.148 in Dewalt DCN21PLM1,dewalt nail gundiameter into a large number of materials. This tool weighs 8.5 pounds and has a magazine with a capacity of 49 nails. Its 100% battery power allows the user to start immediately without wasting time in establishing a compressor or bearing extra expenditures on changing of the costly fuel cell.

This Dewalt Dcn 21PL cordless framing nailer has dual speed motor. The first option is for nails of 2-inch length and the second option is for nails of longer than 2 inches. This shows the versatility of this product that the user enjoys command over nails of different lengths.

Some tools have different triggers for different modes which at times irritates the user. But this product has a tool-free selector switch located near grip with the help of which helps select the suitable mode to operate the tool. However sequential mode is recommended for beginners because it gives the user more control over the tool. But for doing things quickly the user should opt for bump mode.

Moreover, it has a 360-degree adjustable rafter hook which facilitates the hanging of the tool on a rafter when not in use. Another important feature is its jam indicator which tells about jamming and the user can clear the jam with the help of a stall release lever. It also has a tool-less depth adjustment for setting the depth of nails.

  • 360 adjustable rafter hook
  • Jam indicator
  • Dual speed motor
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Not a lighter one
Dewalt DCN21PL has all qualities of a good framing nailer such as dual speed motor, tool-free selector switch, and stall release lever to clear jamming. It also comes with a kit that includes a battery, charger, no-mar tip, and a kit bag. The tool not only possesses all the good features but also comes with a kit which most of the tool does not have. So its purchase will give you more perks in addition to all the other features of the best tool.

8-Dewalt DCN 680B:

The Dewalt DCN680B gauge brad nailer is useful for fastening, decorative molding, casing, kitchen crown and shoeDewalt DCN680B molding as it can drive gauge brad nails from 5/8 to 2-1/8”. Its brushless motor works with lithium-ion battery without using gas, compressor, and hose. It performs small and large scale jobs efficiently. It has features of accurate placing of nails and tool-free adjustment of nails.

  • The Dewalt DCN680B has two modes and gives the user a choice to select the bump mode as required for the job and the switch over to sequential mode when the need arises.
  • This tool comes with two LED lights that turn on when the user presses the trigger.
  • The indicator telling the life of the battery is very useful for the users as it forewarns the lowering down of battery so the user can put it on recharging thus saves the tool from any damage and ensures durability.
  • The tool-free depth adjustment makes it very easy to set the sinking of nails as the job requires.
  • Its tool-free jam clearance is very simple and quick to clear the jamming and helps smooth continuation of the job.
  • The belt hook is a very useful addition and makes the tool handy and safe as it can be hanged easily when not in use.
  • Battery life indicator
  • Tool-free jam clearance
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Two LED lights
Dewalt DCN680B has two modes sequential and bump mode. The indicator, informing about go for recharge this saving the tool from any damage which may occur due to low charging. The tool-free jam clearance rules out the chance of disruption in the smooth working of the tool. It has no battery and charger like other products. So while opting for this product that factor may also be reviewed.

9-Bostitch BCF28WWM1:

Bostitch BCF28WWM1 is a 28-degree cordless framing nailer that weighs 8.1 pounds. It has one power source i.e. Bostitch BCF28WWM1,bostitch cordless framing nailer,bostitch nail gunsbattery and its brushless motor drives the nails into the lumber easily. This framing gun accepts full round offset nails in 28-degree wire held collation. This nailer has an engine that has a dual-speed for optimized performance.

This bostitch framing nailer comes with a tool-free selector switch that helps easy transition between sequential and bump mode. These modes are very important and give the user freedom to use the modes according to his need. The beauty of cordless framing nail gun is that it saves a lot of your time which pneumatic users spend on hoses and compressors.

  • Jams are always annoying, waste time, and break the rhythm of work but it has a solution, as its stall release lever reset the blade in event of a jam.
  • The sinking of the nails may concerns the user, to overcome this problem, the tool comes with the tool-less depth adjustment in order to set the depth of nail.
  • This Bostitch framing nail gun has many uses like framing, deckbuilding, sheathing, and fencing.
  • Rafter hook of the tool helps a lot to hang it when not in use.
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Rafter hook
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Tool-free jam clearance
  • Price may be high
This tool is no doubt a good one but there are complaints of its frequent jamming. But this shortcoming can be overcome through a stall release lever. So while purchasing the tool this factor may also be kept in mind.

10-Dewalt DCN692M1:

Dewalt DCN692M1 has been designed to perform tough jobs. It has improved and updated engine design which has Dewalt DCN692M1,best cordless framing nailer,dewalt 20v framing nailer review,dewalt framing nailerincreased its efficiency a lot. This dewalt framing nail gun comes with the kit which contains a battery, charger, and a pouch.

  • The tool-free selector switch is an important feature that helps to operate Sequential and Bump mode as per requirement.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment facilitates the correct setting of the nail at the desired level
  • Stall release lever quickly eases out the jam by resetting the driver blade.
  • An adjustable rafter hook makes the tool handy and safe.
  • Adjustable Rafter hook
  • Comes with tool kit
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Trigger lock
  • Price is a bit high
This dewalt cordless framing nailer possesses all the good features like other tools available in the market but it has one extra benefit of a kit containing Dewalt DCN692 framing nailer, charger, No-mar tip, and kit bag, so if you need the kit and want to get extra thing then this will be a good choice.

Buyers Guide:

Numerous varieties of cordless framing nailers are showcased in the market with various names and brands. The cordless framing nailers are costly and meant for long time use. So the purchaser should exercise a lot of care for selecting the product because not only the price be assessed but the pros and cons of the product may also be weighted. A product that must be worth its costs be purchased and such a version of the product be selected that could be utilized in future also. The followings are the features and specifications which you should know in order to buy the best cordless framing nailer.

best cordless framing nailer, best cordless framing nailer infographics

 Anti-Dry fire Mechanism: 

While choosing the best cordless framing nailer, you must check out whether the tool has an Anti-dry fire system or not. This feature is very useful and protects the tool from internal damage. It is worth mentioning that dry fire at times may harm the machine. Anti-Dry fire system comes into operation and halts the tool when the small number of nails remain in the magazine.

 Contact tip: 

Contact tip improves efficiency and ensures completion of the job with professional skill. The No-Mar tip protects the surface of the lumber etc. from dents and scratches during work. This is a really important feature because a lot of people are concerned about finishing things professionally and without damaging the surface.

 Rafter hook: 

This feature makes the tool handy and safe. When a user works in tight places or among the rafter. The safety of the tool is ensured as the hook facilitates the hanging of the tool when not in use.


The easy handling and firm grip on a tool mainly depend upon weight so most of the users prefer the lightweight as the best cordless framing nailer. So consideration of weight is an important factor that influences the will of the buyer. In fact, it is true the lightweight framing nail gun is easy to operate efficiently. It is very difficult to operate the tool if it is heavy in weight. The lighter weight may be the first choice of users.


The capacity of the magazine is directly connected with the work efficiency of the tool. So if the capacity of the magazine is larger then there will be less need to reload. It will not only save the time to be spent on reloading but ensures smooth working of the tool thus improves efficiency.

 Magazine Angle: 

The cordless framing nailers are divided into four types with respect to angles. However, 21-degree framing nail guns are very common amongst them. This type of nailer uses full head nails and with plastic strips holds them together. While a 28-degree nailer keeps all the nails in grip tied with wire and capacity of the magazine is sufficiently large. The 30-34 degree nailer is lighter in weight which keeps nails together with the help of paper.


Mainly magazine is of two types i.e. Coil magazine and Stick magazine. The capacity of coil magazine is small whereas stick magazine is larger in capacity.

 Depth Adjustment: 

Depth adjustment is one of the features that a best cordless framing nailer possesses. This feature is very important since it ensures precision in the working of users. Due to depth adjustment, it becomes possible for the user to drive the nail into the lumber as per the requirement of the job and he has not to change the pressure which has already been set.

 Air Exhaust: 

This feature has been designed for the comfort of the user. Air exhaust is the point for the exit of air during operation. It prevents the air from blowing into the face of the users so he can work without disturbance.

 Jam Clearance: 

No user wants interruption in his work because it not only wastes time but disrupts efficient completion of the job. Jam clearance ensures the smooth working of the tool. It ensures the smooth and continued operation of the tool. It is a very important feature due to which factor of abrupt halting of work is eliminated and the optimal use of the tool is guaranteed. This feature helps complete the job within a shortest possible time.Jam clearance feature makes a simple framing nailer as the best cordless framing nailer.

Some commonly asked questions are explained below:

Are cordless framing nailers any good?
Yes ! Cordless nailers are really good. They give you complete freedom and you don’t have to worry about hoses and compressors. Cordless nailers saves a lot of time which people waste in setting up compressors and hoses. Cordless nailers are good for working in tight places.
Who makes the best cordless framing nailer?
Well, all the companies make good framing nailers. It all depends all on your need. You have to choose wisely the one which suits your requirement. However, the products of Dewalt, Paslode, Bostitch , Metabo companies are very useful.
How does Dewalt cordless framing nailer works?
Dewalt cordless framing nailers are battery powered tools. Most of the dewalt nail gun comes with powerfull lithium ion battery. Dewalts provide you complete freedom from hoses and compressors.
Which is better paslode or Dewalt?
Every product has its pros and cons but it depends on your requirement which tool suits you. Some people feels the Dewalt cordless framing nailers is rather heavier while Paslode cordless framing nailers are lighter tool but needs replacement of fuel cell after certain amount of nail is required. Whereas you need only battery for working of dewalt nail guns.
Are Paslode nailers any good?
Yeah ! Paslode nailers are really good and power full. Paslode nailers can sink the nail into the hardest lumber easily.
Final Verdict:

There is a simple principle that never compromises on quality for a long term investment. If you take financial constraints taken for granted then you have to go for rather a low-grade product. But in our opinion, it is wise to raise your budget and buy a quality product for long term users which can be useful in the future also.

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